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International policy


    Ukraine's Azovstal plant.

    Guest post: How Ukraine could emerge from war as a climate leader

    The ongoing, devastating war with Russia has pushed Ukraine to the edge of survival as a nation-state, inflicting severe damage to its economy and po...Read More

    International policy| Aug 8. 2023.
    Steel production in the steel mill at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, Duisburg, Germany. Credit: Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo.

    Steel industry makes ‘pivotal’ shift towards lower-carbon production

    The steel industry has made a ‘pivotal’ shift towards lower-carbon forms of production, a new report says, but remains short of a 1.5C-compatible...Read More

    International policy| Jul 20. 2023.
    A Drax coal powered power station by the River Ouse in Yorkshire, UK. Credit: Paul Ridsdale / Alamy Stock Photo

    Guest post: Coal-project financing outside of China hits 12-year low

    The global energy crisis fueled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparked widespread fears of a “return to coal” – yet, to date, there is scant...Read More

    International policy| Jul 10. 2023.
    Two men install a solar panel on a roof in South Africa.

    Q&A: Does a new 'global pact' accelerate climate finance for developing countries?

    The world is facing a series of major interconnected challenges. Climate hazards are escalating, nations are mired in debt and the costs of food a...Read More

    International policy| Jul 4. 2023.
    A panoramic view of a power generator in Venezuela.

    Guest post: Half of developing countries still struggle to report greenhouse gas emissions

    Virtually every country in the world has set a target for cutting emissions under the Paris Agreement. As part of their obligations under the clim...Read More

    International policy| May 24. 2023.
    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen speaks during the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings in Washington on 12 April 2023.

    Q&A: Did World Bank and IMF spring meetings help to scale up climate finance?

    Finance ministers, central bankers and activists descended on Washington DC last week for the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International...Read More

    International policy| Apr 21. 2023.
    IGC president Rena Lee, Singapore, receiving a standing ovation.

    Q&A: What does the ‘High Seas Treaty’ mean for climate change and biodiversity?

    Nations around the world have agreed to a new global treaty for governing the sustainable use and conservation of the so-called “high seas” – a...Read More

    International policy| Mar 8. 2023.
    US Inflation Reduction Act and the global ‘clean-energy arms race’

    Media reaction: US Inflation Reduction Act and the global ‘clean-energy arms race’

    Last summer, US president Joe Biden made history by passing the largest package of domestic climate measures ever under the Inflation Reduction Act (...Read More

    International policy| Feb 3. 2023.
    US President Joe Biden stands in front of the United States national flag

    Analysis: US falling $32bn short on ‘fair share’ of $100bn climate-finance goal

    The US should be paying nearly $40bn towards the $100bn climate-finance target, new Carbon Brief analysis shows. This is $32bn more than the estimate...Read More

    xinyabo官网 | Nov 7. 2022.
    Workers install solar photovoltaic panels in Pakistan.

    Explainer: How can climate finance be increased from 'billions to trillions'?

    From the moment in the early 1990s when nations began grappling with the threat posed by climate change, money has been at the heart of discussions.&...Read More

    International policy| Nov 4. 2022.
    Will ‘loss and damage’ be the defining issue at COP27?

    研讨会:将损失和损害的定义sue at COP27?

    “Loss and damage” from climate change is fast emerging as a critical issue for billions of people, particularly in the global south. As part o...Read More

    Webinars| 9月30日。2022.
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