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    Commodity Profile: Wheat

    Commodity Profile: Wheat

    In the first of a new series explaining how key agricultural commodities are affected by and contribute to climate change, Carbon Brief looks at whea...Read More

    Food and farming| Aug 8. 2022.

    Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

    In the early 2000s, a new field of climate-science research emerged that began to explore the human fingerprint on extreme weather, such as floods, h...Read More

    Attribution| Aug 4. 2022.
    英国社论Climate Change

    Analysis: How UK newspapers changed their minds about climate change

    The past decade has seen a significant shift in the attitudes of UK newspapers towards climate change, according to new analysis undertaken by Carbon...Read More

    Media analysis| Apr 12. 2022.
    Sabratha, Libya. Credit: Liquid Light / Alamy Stock Photo. AYWF1W

    Mapped: African world heritage sites threatened by sea level rise ‘to triple by 2050’

    Three times as many sites of sacred value, scientific wonder and natural splendour across Africa could face risks from human-caused climate change by...Read More

    Sea level rise| 2月10. 2022.

    Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2021

    In a year that was again dominated by Covid, 2021 still managed to squeeze in a summer Olympics with no spectators, a cargo ship getting stuck in the...Read More

    Media analysis| Jan 19. 2022.
    How proxy data reveals the climate of the Earths distant past

    Mapped: How ‘proxy’ data reveals the climate of the Earth’s distant past

    At any one moment in time, thousands of measurements are being taken of the world’s weather. Across land, sea and sky, data is being gathered manua...Read More

    Climate modelling| Mar 30. 2021.

    Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2020

    Last year was meant to be very different. The lead up to the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement was marked out by many as the year for climate ...Read More

    Media analysis| Jan 13. 2021.
    Women and children collect drinking water from a water logged area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 2017. Credit: Mehedi Hasan/Alamy Stock Photo.

    Mapped: How climate change disproportionately affects women’s health

    From supercharging extreme weather events to boosting the spread of infectious diseases, climate change is already having a huge impact on human heal...Read More

    Features| Oct 29. 2020.
    New construction site with roof solar panels. Rüdesheim, Germany. 22 June 2019. Credit: KH-Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

    Coronavirus: Tracking how the world’s ‘green recovery’ plans aim to cut emissions

    The coronavirus pandemic has had devastating consequences for lives and livelihoods around the world, while also dramatically cutting CO2 emissions. ...Read More

    International policy| Jun 16. 2020.
    Map of the world's coal power plants

    Mapped: The world’s coal power plants

    Since 2000, the world has doubled its coal-fired power capacity to around 2,045 gigawatts (GW) after explosive growth in China and India. A further 2...Read More

    Infographics| Mar 26. 2020.

    Explainer: Nine ‘tipping points’ that could be triggered by climate change

    The persistent march of a warming climate is seen across a multitude of continuous, incremental changes. CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Ocean heat con...Read More

    Tipping points| 2月10. 2020.
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