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EU emissions


    LNG storage tanks, Hamburg, Germany.

    Analysis: EU’s CO2 emissions fall 5% in three months after post-Covid surge

    The EU’s emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from energy use have fallen by 5% over the past three months compared with the same period in 2021, new ...Read More

    EU emissions| Nov 3. 2022.
    Application of new bicycle pictograms. Essen, Germany.

    Guest post: Are European cities delivering on their climate commitments?

    At the time of writing, more than 10,000 cities around the world have committed to some form of climate action. These efforts range from setting emis...Read More

    Guest posts| Aug 24. 2020.
    Coal-fired power plant, STEAG and RWE Power. Bergkamen, Germany. Credit: Hans Blossey / Alamy Stock Photo

    Analysis: Coronavirus has cut CO2 from Europe's electricity system by 39%

    The coronavirus pandemic has seen entire countries locked down, with businesses, industry and travel all curtailed in an effort to limit the spread o...Read More

    Guest posts| Apr 29. 2020.
    FridaysForFuture demonstration in Berlin, Germany. 29 March 2019. Credit: Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo. TA5RH5

    Climate strikers: Open letter to EU leaders on why their new climate law is ‘surrender’

    This is an open letter to EU leaders at the European Commission, European Parliament and member states from 34 youth climate activists, including Gre...Read More

    Guest posts| Mar 3. 2020.
    Cooling towers of a brown coal power station in Jänschwalde, Germany. Credit: dpa picture alliance archive / Alamy Stock Photo.

    Guest post: Why German coal power is falling fast in 2019

    Karsten Capion is senior adviser at Danish Energy, the membership body for the Danish energy industry. In August, he will be joining the Danish Counci...Read More

    Guest posts| Jul 18. 2019.
    Blocks of peat being cut in Connemara National Park, Republic of Ireland. Credit: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo.

    In-depth Q&A: Why Ireland is ‘nowhere near’ meeting its climate-change goals

    Despite its comparatively small population, stalling efforts to tackle climate change mean Ireland contributes a disproportionate volume of Europe’s...Read More

    EU policy| Jun 18. 2019.
    Liver, heart and gizzard at a market. Credit: Truengtra Paejai / Alamy Stock Photo. J2N7NR

    Eating more offal could help cut meat emissions by ‘14%’

    Choosing more meat by-products, such as liver, sweetbreads and tripe, could help to reduce livestock emissions by as much as 14%, according to a new a...Read More

    Food and farming| Apr 10. 2019.
    Steel Worker welds component for Oil and Shipping industry in UK Factory, near Aberdeen Scotland. Credit: Scott-Ray Johnson / Alamy Stock Photo DDRN2F

    In-depth: Renewables are ‘key’ to lower UK industrial electricity prices

    Onshore wind is key to securing lower industrial electricity prices for the UK, a new report says. Unlocking investment in the renewables, which of...Read More

    Renewables| Feb 5. 2018.
    EM6TE7 Two maintenace men work on a wind turbine in northern Poland near Kobylnica during the winter.

    The EU got less electricity from coal than renewables in 2017

    For the first time, the European Union generated more electricity from wind, solar and biomass than from coal in 2017, according to new analysis from ...Read More

    EU emissions| Jan 30. 2018.
    C82X7H Production of wood pellets. A type of wood fuel. Sawdust is manufactured to pellets. Used in boilers of central heating systems

    Guest post: Bioenergy ‘flaw’ under EU renewable target could raise emissions

    Prof Sir John Beddington was the UK government’s chief scientific adviser between 2008 and 2013. He is a senior strategy adviser at the Oxford Marti...Read More

    Guest posts| Dec 19. 2017.
    HR32JY Emissionshandel / emission trade

    Q&A: Will the reformed EU Emissions Trading System raise carbon prices?

    In July 2003, at a series of meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg, EU lawmakers adopted an Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to help combat climate cha...Read More

    EU policy| Dec 6. 2017.
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