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Climate sensitivity


    Aerial of clouds in a blue sky

    Clouds study finds that low climate sensitivity is ‘extremely unlikely’

    It is “very likely” that the way clouds change as the world warms will drive further temperature rise, a new study finds. The response of clou...Read More

    Climate sensitivity| Jul 21. 2021.
    Sun rays shine through the clouds as dusk approaches.


    国際的な科学者チームが 4 年間かけて詳細な議論を重ねた結果、大気中 CO2濃 度の増加に対する世界の地表温度...Read More

    Guest posts| 6月30日。2021.

    Guest post: How declining ice in clouds makes high ‘climate sensitivity’ plausible

    Simulations from the latest climate models have suggested that the Earth’s climate might be more sensitive to increasing atmospheric CO2 than previ...Read More

    Guest posts| Oct 30. 2020.
    Sun rays shine through the clouds as dusk approaches.

    Guest post: Why low-end 'climate sensitivity' can now be ruled out

    After four years of labour and detailed discussions by an international team of scientists, we are able to quantify better than ever before how the w...Read More

    Guest posts| Jul 22. 2020.
    View of the rainforest canopy looking directly upwards, Borneo. Credit: Peter Lopeman / Alamy Stock Photo

    Analysis: How ‘carbon-cycle feedbacks’ could make global warming worse

    Scientists making climate-change projections have to deal with a number of uncertainties. The amount of global warming will depend on the magnitud...Read More

    Climate modelling| Apr 14. 2020.
    The Cray XC40 supercomputer used by Met Office climate scientists. Credit: Met Office.

    Guest post: Why results from the next generation of climate models matter

    Prof Stephen Belcher is chief scientist at the UK Met Office; Dr Olivier Boucher is head of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) Climate Modelling...Read More

    Guest posts| Mar 21. 2019.
    B6P8JD Aerial view of dramatic white clouds against a blue sky

    Explainer: How scientists estimate ‘climate sensitivity’

    The sensitivity of the Earth’s climate to increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration is a question that sits at the heart of climate science. Es...Read More

    Climate sensitivity| Jun 19. 2018.
    Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany. Novarc Images / Alamy Stock Photo. H46R0E

    Explainer: Six ideas to limit global warming with solar geoengineering

    Scientists agree that cutting global greenhouse emissions as soon as possible will be key to tackling global warming. But, with global emissions still...Read More

    Geoengineering| May 9. 2018.
    Heavy fog at sunset from Signal Hill. Credit: Bradley van der Westhuizen / Alamy Stock Photo EE1J4C

    Long-term climate variability ‘could fall’ as the world warms

    Long-term climate variability is the range of temperatures and weather patterns experienced by the Earth over a scale of thousands of years. New resea...Read More

    Global temperature| Feb 6. 2018.
    D0M2HM view on the sun over inversion from Jested, Jested-Kozakov ridge, Czech Republic. Credit: Nataliya Hora / Alamy Stock Photo

    New study ‘reduces uncertainty’ for climate sensitivity

    Scientists have presented a new, narrower estimate of the “climate sensitivity” – a measure of how much the climate could warm in response to ...Read More

    Climate sensitivity| Jan 17. 2018.

    In-depth: Scientists discuss how to improve climate models

    While global climate models do a good job of simulating the Earth’s climate, they are not perfect. Carbon Brief's series on climate modelling ...Read More

    Climate modelling| Jan 17. 2018.
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