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    Analysis: Africa’s unreported extreme weather in 2022 and climate change

    From deadly floods in Nigeria to devastating drought in Somalia, Africa has faced a run of severe – and sometimes unprecedented – extreme weather...Read More

    Extreme weather| Oct 26. 2022.

    Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

    In the early 2000s, a new field of climate-science research emerged that began to explore the human fingerprint on extreme weather, such as floods, h...Read More

    Attribution| Aug 4. 2022.
    Tropical cyclone Ingrid West of Australias Cape York Peninsula in 2005

    Tropical cyclones now ‘13% less frequent’ due to climate change

    Climate change has driven a 13% decline in the frequency of tropical cyclones since pre-industrial times, new research finds. Tropical cyclones ar...Read More

    Storms| Jun 27. 2022.
    A damaged bridge caused by flooding near Durban, South Africa, 16 April 2022. Credit: Reuters / Alamy Stock Photo. 2J4KM20

    Climate change made extreme rains in 2022 South Africa floods ‘twice as likely’

    The extreme rainfall that triggered one of South Africa’s deadliest disasters of this century was made more intense and more likely because of clim...Read More

    Attribution| May 13. 2022.
    Effects of Cyclone Amphan in Khulna, Bangladesh

    Communities in India flooded by 'Amphan-scale cyclones' could triple by 2100

    “Super cyclone Amphan” hit the Bay of Bengal in May 2020, exposing hundreds of thousands of people to flooding. New research, published ...Read More

    Extreme weather| May 9. 2022.
    Homes and businesses destroyed by Hurricane Laura are surrounded by flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Delta in Louisiana, USA, 2020

    海洋变暖导致的极端降雨将增长10%from Atlantic hurricanes in 2020

    Extreme rainfall during the record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season in 2020 was made more intense by human-caused climate change, a new study says....Read More

    Storms| Apr 12. 2022.
    Hurricane Maria destroyed everything during its passage on the island of Dominica

    Recent increase in major Atlantic hurricanes may be ‘rebound’ after 1960-1980s lull

    Reported increases in major hurricanes in the North Atlantic over the satellite era are potentially a “recovery from a deep minimum in the 1960-198...Read More

    Storms| Jul 13. 2021.
    Blue sky with clouds

    Cooling effect of clouds ‘underestimated’ by climate models, says new study

    Clouds could have a greater cooling effect on the planet than climate models currently suggest, according to new research. The paper, published in...Read More

    Climate modelling| Jun 3. 2021.
    Devastation still felt in Staten Island, 75 days after Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy caused an ‘extra $8bn’ damage due to human-caused sea level rise

    More than $8bn of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was due to the increase in sea levels caused by human-caused climate change, according...Read More

    Extreme weather| May 18. 2021.
    Texas deep freeze power blackouts and the role of global warming

    媒体的反应:blackou德州“深度冻结”力量ts and the role of global warming

    This week, a blast of Arctic air has engulfed much of the central US, bringing freezing conditions and record low temperatures to many states. Tex...Read More

    Media analysis| Feb 18. 2021.

    Met Office: A review of the UK’s climate in 2020

    It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 has been a dramatic and memorable year for the UK – and our weather and climate is no exception. We...Read More

    Guest posts| Jan 12. 2021.
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