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    Ice melting in the glacier lake, Iceland.

    Half of world’s glaciers to ‘disappear’ with 1.5C of global warming

    Half of the world’s glaciers – frozen reservoirs holding three-quarters of the global water supply – could “disappear” by the end of the ce...Read More

    Glaciers| Jan 5. 2023.
    View of Ama Dablam on the way to Everest Base Camp Nepal

    Climate change has driven 16% drop in ‘snow meltwater’ from Asia’s high mountains

    Climate change is reducing the supply of water from melting snow to many of the largest rivers in Asia, threatening the water security of millions of...Read More

    Ice| Jun 24. 2021.

    Melting glaciers drove ‘21% of sea level rise’ over past two decades

    Glacier melt across the world has accelerated over the past two decades, a new study finds, with the resulting meltwater accounting for 21% of global...Read More

    Glaciers| Apr 28. 2021.

    Guest post: Identifying three ‘tipping points’ in Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier

    Antarctica may seem far away for most of us, yet this remote continent contains enough ice to raise sea levels around the world by tens of metres. It...Read More

    Guest posts| Apr 6. 2021.
    The Nandi Devi mountain in Uttarakhand is the source of the Rishi river, which flooded this week

    Factcheck: Did climate change contribute to India’s catastrophic ‘glacial flood’?

    On Sunday 7 February, a sudden flood devastated a Himalayan valley in the Indian province of Uttarakhand. It tore through two hydroelectric dams, kil...Read More

    xinyabo购彩 | Feb 9. 2021.
    Turquoise lake in the andes mountains in peru

    Guest post: How climate change threatens a Peruvian city with ‘glacial flood’

    The worldwide retreat of mountain glaciers is one of the most visible impacts of climate change. In the wake of receding glaciers, thousands of lakes...Read More

    Guest posts| Feb 4. 2021.
    在格陵兰岛融化的冰,冰洞穴与蓝色的瀑布r on inland ice sheet.

    New climate models suggest faster melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet

    Greenland’s vast ice sheet could melt faster than previously thought over the 21st century, according to a new study. The Greenland ice sheet is...Read More

    Ice| Dec 15. 2020.
    The edge of the Greenland ice sheet.

    Greenland to lose ice far faster this century than in the past 12,000 years

    The scale of loss from the Greenland ice sheet will be higher this century than in any other over the past 12,000 years, a new study concludes. Ho...Read More

    Ice| Sep 30. 2020.
    Glacial lake, Patagonia, Argentina. Credit: DPK-Photo / Alamy Stock Photo.

    Guest post: How climate change is turning glaciers into lakes

    Lakes formed by melting glaciers around the world have increased in size by 50% over the past 30 years. That is the main finding of our new ...Read More

    Guest posts| Aug 31. 2020.
    Snowline survey in the Southern Alps, New Zealand.

    ‘Extreme’ glacier loss events linked to human-caused climate change for first time

    The rapidly evolving scientific field of “extreme event event attribution” has detected the fingerprint of human-caused climate change on a wide ...Read More

    Glaciers| Aug 3. 2020.
    The coast of Jameson land on the edge of Scoresbysund, north east Greenland.

    In-depth Q&A: The IPCC’s special report on the ocean and cryosphere

    Earlier today in Monaco, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its special report on the ocean and cryosphere in a changing c...Read More

    IPCC| Sep 25. 2019.
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