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Negative emissions


    Drought devastated corn crops in Navasota, Texas. Credit: USDA Photo / Alamy Stock Photo.

    Falling crop yields under warming could see ‘rapid’ decline in bioenergy’s potential

    The impact of global warming on crop yields could reduce the effectiveness of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage – a technology often touted...Read More

    Negative emissions| Sep 7. 2022.
    Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station

    Guest post: Emissions should fall ‘twice as fast’ in case negative emissions fail

    Many model pathways designed to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement rely heavily on large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also known a...Read More

    Guest posts| Jun 28. 2021.
    Forest plantation with young mature plants

    Guest post: Why CO2 removal is not equal and opposite to reducing emissions

    In recent years, countries, companies and institutions around the world have set “net-zero” emissions targets as part of efforts to tackle climat...Read More

    Guest posts| Jun 21. 2021.
    Tree planting in Uganda. Small seedlings growing in African soil with plastic protection.

    Guest post: Learning from the contentious history of ‘carbon removal’

    Large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also referred to as “negative emissions”, is increasingly seen as a key component of climate change mit...Read More

    Guest posts| Aug 27. 2020.
    Spring leaf growth on young Birch trees growing in forestry plantation North Yorkshire Moors.

    Guest post: Who should be responsible for removing CO2 from the atmosphere?

    The need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere is, in many ways, a looming hot potato for climate policy. Some worry that it could be seen as a ...Read More

    Guest posts| Jul 27. 2020.
    Sunlight streaming through the trees at Dinas Forest, timber plantation, Ponterwyd, Ceredigion Wales UK

    In-depth Q&A: How will tree planting help the UK meet its climate goals?

    The UK has just three decades to reach net-zero emissions and tree planting has emerged as a prominent part of the government’s plan to get there. ...Read More

    Explainers| Mar 18. 2020.
    Dam in place to re-wet blanket bog at RSPB Forsinard Flows, Flow country, Caithness, Highland, Scotland. Credit: Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo

    Restoring soils could remove up to ‘5.5bn tonnes’ of greenhouse gases every year

    Replenishing and protecting the world’s soil carbon stores could help to offset up to 5.5bn tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, a study finds. ...Read More

    Negative emissions| Mar 16. 2020.
    Woman Filling a Car with Unleaded Petrol, UK.

    Budget 2020: Key climate and energy announcements

    Rishi Sunak, the UK’s new chancellor, has delivered his first budget and the first for the UK since October 2018. It is also the first budget sinc...Read More

    UK policy| Mar 11. 2020.
    Wadham Chapel, Wadham College, Oxford Credit: Dylan Garcia / Alamy Stock Photo

    Highlights: The net-zero climate change conference in Oxford

    This week, the city of Oxford played host to an international conference on “achieving net-zero”. The event follows hot on the heels of the UK bec...Read More

    yabet官网 | Sep 12. 2019.
    Drought in Currawinya National Park, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Outback Australia / Alamy Stock Photo.F550K1

    In-depth Q&A: The IPCC's special report on climate change and land

    This morning in Geneva, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its special report on climate change and land. The land prov...Read More

    IPCC| Aug 8. 2019.
    Climeworks Direct Air Capture plant

    Direct CO2 capture machines could use ‘a quarter of global energy’ in 2100

    Machines that suck CO2 directly from the air could cut the cost of meeting global climate goals, a new study finds, but they would need as much as a q...Read More

    Negative emissions| Jul 22. 2019.
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