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    The Sir David Attenborough viewed from a speedboat off the shore of east Scotland.

    Sir David Attenborough: How polar ship will help scientists study climate change

    Later this year, a state-of-the-art UK polar research ship – equipped with aquariums, a “moon pool” and 14 different laboratories – will sail...Read More

    Antarctic| Jul 7. 2023.
    Orangutan orphan juveniles mingle with a carers in a forest in Borneo, Indonesia.

    Explicador: Cómo terminar la violencia de género ayudará a cumplir las metas de conservación

    Las mujeres juegan un papel fundamental en la conservación de la biodiversidad. Mundialmente, sus contribuciones van desde el trabajo agrí...Read More

    Explainers| Jun 26. 2023.
    Orangutan orphan juveniles mingle with a carers in a forest in Borneo, Indonesia.

    Explainer: How ending gender violence will help deliver conservation goals

    Women play a critical role in biodiversity conservation. Globally, their contributions range from agricultural labour and working on nature reserv...Read More

    Explainers| Jun 21. 2023.
    Fisherman harvests carp for Christmas market in Czech Republic.

    Q&A: How can countries stop subsidies harming biodiversity?

    Subsidies that harm nature and the environment cost the world an estimated $1.8tn each year – the equivalent of the entire GDP of Canada. Govern...Read More

    Explainers| May 23. 2023.
    Young Orangutan sitting in a tree, Borneo, Indonesia.

    Explainer: Can the world ‘halt and reverse’ biodiversity loss by 2030?

    Last month, 196 countries including the EU member states agreed to a new global mission to “halt and reverse” biodiversity loss by 2030. Agree...Read More

    Nature| Jan 16. 2023.
    Workers install solar photovoltaic panels in Pakistan.

    Explainer: How can climate finance be increased from 'billions to trillions'?

    From the moment in the early 1990s when nations began grappling with the threat posed by climate change, money has been at the heart of discussions.&...Read More

    International policy| Nov 4. 2022.
    African elephant at a waterhole in Chobe National Park, Botswana with bush fire in the background

    Explainer: Can climate change and biodiversity loss be tackled together?

    A wildfire racing across a hillside has become emblematic of climate change. And for good reason: a quarter of the world’s natural landscapes now f...Read More

    Explainers| Jun 16. 2022.
    Torrential rain causes flash flooding in Aylestone in Leicester

    Explainer: What the new IPCC report says about extreme weather and climate change

    The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the science of climate change lands in the aftermath of a series of deadl...Read More

    IPCC| Aug 10. 2021.
    Chinas new climate leaders group gathers for its first plenary meeting in Beijing on 26 May

    Explainer: China creates new ‘leaders group’ to help deliver its climate goals

    China’s state media has provided the first details about a new high-level climate “leaders group” formed to direct the country’s emission-red...Read More

    China Policy| Jun 3. 2021.

    Explainer: Will global warming ‘stop’ as soon as net-zero emissions are reached?

    Media reports frequently claim that the world is facing “committed warming” in the future as a result of past emissions, meaning higher temperatu...Read More

    yabet官网 | Apr 29. 2021.
    Firemen battle with the flames in Kalamos 2017.

    Explainer: How climate change is affecting wildfires around the world

    This year has seen unprecedented wildfires cause havoc across the world. Australia recently battled its largest bushfire on record, while parts of th...Read More

    Explainers| Jul 14. 2020.
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