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Areas of record heat temperatures over the past 10 years and global population density. Credit: Carbon Brief.

Analysis: Half the global population saw all-time record temperatures over past decade

More frequent and intense extreme heat is one of the major impacts of climate change. As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change�...Read More

Heatwaves| Apr 24. 2023.
The remains of a flooded temple in Melamchi, Nepal on June 18, 2021.

Loss and damage: How can culture and heritage loss be measured and addressed?

A group of archaeologists, climate scientists and policy experts met at the University of East Anglia last week to discuss how unique cultures and he...Read More

People| Apr 5. 2023.
Yacht washed ashore and grounded during Storm Ciara at Cardwell Bay, Gourock, UK with H M Coastguard in attendance

Climate resilience: Is the UK ready for the impacts of global warming?

Every area of UK society will feel the effects of climate change and, as global emissions continue to rise, preparing for life in a warmer world is c...Read More

Risk and adaptation| Mar 13. 2023.
Chocolate chickens in a cage, Morocco.

Guest post: Intensive, lower-carbon animal farming could raise pandemic risks

Agriculture has a huge impact on the environment. Food production takes up more than one-third of Earth’s land, is responsible for one-third of hum...Read More

Guest posts| 11月30日。2022.

Analysis: Africa’s unreported extreme weather in 2022 and climate change

From deadly floods in Nigeria to devastating drought in Somalia, Africa has faced a run of severe – and sometimes unprecedented – extreme weather...Read More

Extreme weather| Oct 26. 2022.
COP27: Why is addressing ‘loss and damage’ crucial for climate justice?

COP27: Why is addressing ‘loss and damage’ crucial for climate justice?

The death and destruction that can result from climate change is not evenly distributed around the world. Those who have often contributed the lea...Read More

International policy| Sep 29. 2022.
Graphic: Carbon Brief.

Loss and damage: What happens when climate change destroys lives and cultures?

High in the Peruvian Andes, there is a glacier whose disappearance has been linked to the departure of the gods. In the belief of the Quechua peop...Read More

International policy| Sep 28. 2022.
The struggle over ‘loss and damage’ in UN climate talks

Timeline: The struggle over ‘loss and damage’ in UN climate talks

Small-island nations have been sounding the alarm about climate change for more than three decades, fearing a future in which their communities and h...Read More

International policy| Sep 27. 2022.
Flooding at the Bagmati river in India, a branch of the Ganges, due to heavy monsoon rains and melting of Himalaya glaciers.

Climate change will make it harder for world’s poorest to migrate, study says

Climate change will make it harder for the world’s poorest people to migrate – leaving them “extremely vulnerable” to continued impacts and i...Read More

People| Jul 25. 2022.
Mass of straw-coloured fruit bat Eidolon helvum in flight, Zambia

Climate change ‘already’ raising risk of virus spread between mammals

Mammals forced to move to cooler climes amid global warming are “already” spreading their viruses further – with “undoubtable” impacts for ...Read More

Wildlife| Apr 28. 2022.
March back to work on 5 March at the end of miners strike in Ellington Colliery, England, 1985_2BN28RJ

Guest post: Why gender justice matters in the transition away from coal

Combating the climate crisis requires the restructuring of the economic and energy system including, first and foremost, the phaseout of coal, which ...Read More

Guest posts| Mar 3. 2022.
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