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DeBriefed is theessentialguide to the week’s key developments relating to climate change.

From the US to China, through to the Amazon and the Arctic, our global team of award-winning journalists monitor, summarise and explain all you need to know in a single, handy digest.

DeBriefed also keeps you up to date with the latest science, talking points, statistics, charts, reports and must-reads. It includes our pick of the best climate jobs being advertised around the world. And each week we “spotlight” one particularly interesting individual or issue.

DeBriefed is written in rotation by Carbon Brief’s team, guaranteeing that a diverse range of geographies, specialisms, experiences and perspectives are captured.

Daisy Dunne, our special correspondent, edits the newsletter.

Past issues

You can find all of the previous issues of DeBriefed below…

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